About Us

Northwest Biomedical Inc. (NBI) is a biological clinical research organization located in Bellevue, Washington. Established in 2002, we have supplied human biological material and services to In-Vitro diagnostics industry for their assay development and validation. NBI maintains a commercial bio-repository containing an extensive collection of serum, plasma, saliva, and urine from both normal and disease-state individuals. All specimens are collected under strict FDA/IRB approved protocols and HIPAA regulations. With a focus of becoming your best choice for research specimen and bulk diseased sera collections, we believe that you will find us unique in our approach to both service and pricing.

In order to support customer’s needs, we have established a network of major blood banks and hospitals both in the United States and Asia. A major consideration of ours while establishing this network was to ensure the quality of the source. When you decide to purchase specimens from a commercial organization like ours, you are relying on our ability to guarantee the quality of all material provided.

To assure you of the quality of our sera, we work only with those sites that are experienced in clinical trials. All clinical specimens are obtained with IRB approval and Donor Informed Consent.

Our disease state inventory contains both diagnostic and clinical samples. Some of the specimens available are HIV, HCV, HBV (including HBsAg, Anti-HBs, HbeAg, Anti-Hbe, Anti-HBc), Syphilis (RPR), TORCH, Tumor markers, Autoimmune, Diabetes, Interference Specimens, and hormones. We also provide Normal Donor Specimens that found non-reactive for anti-HIV1/2, anti-HCV, HBsAg, and Syphilis by U.S. FDA approved methods.